Hunts-County Caerulex Super Select


Hunts -County are one of the oldest bat makers in the UK& have made bats from their base in Huntingdonshire since 1904. In their time they have worked with some great players such as Shane Warne, Imran Kahn, Ashley Giles&England ladies captain Charlotte Edwards.

Hunts-County have been at the heart of the UK bat making industry combining traditional bat making with the modern needs of the players looking for bigger lighter bats creating 4 distinct ranges to suit different playing styles &pickup preferences. The Caerulex is their signature range with a classic look& profile keeping a constant connection to their heritage.




Overview: Individually balanced by the master bat maker, with mid-lowblade power-zone made in their traditional profile ideal for front foot play. Available in seniopr sizes SH, LH & SSH. Junior sizes H, 6, 5, 4.
Powerzone: Mid-low blade,ideal for all round play on slower pitches & balanced for back foot punchy style play.
Shaping: Minimal concaving in the back, with plenty of wood near the handsgiving a visible spine through most of the bat. Spine fades into a moderate duck bill toe reducingreduces mass furthest away from the hands to improve pick up & balance. Bowed blade enhances power &manoeuvrability.
Handle: High quality 6-piece Singapore cane, with semi-oval handle, ideal for natural bottom hand location &for players looking for control & power.
Toe: Classical rounded toe maximising comfort at the crease& pick up.Toe guard fitted at the factory.
Grip: Comes with the blackwave grip which has a luxurious feel.
Finish: Natural face, requires full preparation. Try our R2P service for £19.95 icon

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