Cricket bats Direct recognizes that a Cricket Bat is a big investment it doesn't matter whether you're a professional player, a club cricketer or an ambitious junior who has just taken up the game- ensuring your bat is a suitable size and weight will facilitate positive physical, technical development so you can perform at your best.

Different players will have different requirements and the size-to-age ratio is obviously not a consistent and precise one. There fore, prior to purchase, we strongly recommend that you read our Cricket size guide, t that's exactly you should treat - as a guide.

Buying a bat can be daunting for even experienced players. However, if you are new to the game, buying for your son or daughter and not a Cricketer yourself it is normal to feel overwhelmed by the choice available. Never Fear our guide is here to offer hints and tips from our very own Cricket playing staff, which we hope you find useful. Remember if you need help our experts are always available over the phone or by email.

At the bottom of the page, you will also find size and weight guides by a selection of the top manufacturers showcased on Cricket bats Direct. So, if you've got your eye on a Gray-Nicolls cricket bat, for instance, be sure to check out their guidelines as well.

Peace of mind

Don't forget that if you receive a bat that is too big, simply return the product in an unused condition within 14 days of receipt of goods and we will refund your money - excluding postage. Cricket equipment is a very personal thing, so if someone has kindly given you a new cricket bat for your birthday, you may wish to exchange for a more suitable size, weight or grade.

General cricket bat size guidelines

Every experienced cricketer, bat manufacturer or cricket coach respects the need for a batter to have the correct size of bat if they are to reach optimum performance levels. The height and weight of a cricket bat needs to be carefully considered, as the size and weight of the bat will need to match the size and strength of the player. This is exceptionally important for junior players. as children of the same age can be very different sizes so, please ensure you measure up before you buy.

Age & Height Recommendations

Size of Bat Approximate Age Height of Batsman Approx. Length of Bat Approx. Width of Bat
1 4-5 4ft 3" & under 251/4" 31/2"
2 6-7 4ft 3" - 4ft 6" 273/4" 31/2"
3 8-9 4ft 6" - 4ft 9" 283/4" 33/4"
4 9-11 4ft 9" - 4ft 11" 293/4" 33/4"
5 10-12 4ft 11" - 5ft 2" 303/4" 4"
6 11-13 5ft 2" - 5ft 6" 313/4" 4"
Harrow 12-14 5ft 6" - 5ft 9" 323/4" 41/6"
Adult SH 15+ 5ft 9" - 6ft 2" 331/2" 41/4"
Adult LH 15+ Over 6'2" 343/8" 41/4"


When considering buying a cricket bat in an adult size 90% of batters will go for a standard SH and with the modern game moving towards power and distance rather than touch and control, some bats will have a shorter blade & longer handle to increase their hand speed, but this is very much down to personal preference. The same is said for taller players who may opt for a SH even if they are taller than what the guide suggest. This is due to the balance of the batter being slightly difference as the extra inch in length is in the handle and not the blade and some players just don't like the feel of the extra leverage. The other options is to go for a long blade, which is just as rare as the long handle, where the extra inch is in the blade which makes for a heavier bat all round!

Adult cricket bat weight guide

With the modern era of batting and bat making, creating a desire or trend for bigger edges and higher spines, it is important to understand the difference between light, medium and heavy bats to ensure that you get the bat weight which suits your style of play.

A light bat is considered to 21b7oz to 21b9oz with the majority of bats sold being 21b8oz to 21b Yoz. Medium is from 21b10oz to 21b11oz& Heavy being 21b12+. Very rarely will customers ask for 3lb plus and for these circumstances we recommend going for a custom-made bat from Gray-Nicolls.

Junior Cricket Bat Weight Guide

The weight of junior bats will depend on its quality-for example, English willow bats are generally lighter than Kashmir willow bats. But here is a rough guide:

Size 1 Size 2 Size 3 Size 4 Size 5 Size 6 Harrow
1lb11oz - 1lb12oz 1lb11oz - 1lb13oz 1lb13oz - 2lb11oz 2lb1oz - 2lb13oz 2lb2oz - 2lb13oz 2lb3oz - 2lb15oz 2lb5oz - 2lb17oz


Many of the top cricket bat manufacturers have their own guidelines. Please choose a size guide from the brands listed below.