Size Guide

When talking about the dimensions of the bat we must also consider the dimensions of the batter as an incorrectly sized bat will have a detrimental effect on the batter’s technique or technical development for young players. On the physical side a bat that is too small can cause injuries to a batter’s back, knees, and ankles. A bat that is too big or too heavy, in the case of young players especially, it can cause injury to wrists, elbows and shoulders. To get a good idea of size the table below gives a basic guide to what size player should use what size bat.

Height (Feet & Inches) Recommended Bat size
Up to 3ft 9” Size 0
3ft 9” to 4ft 2” Size 1
4ft 2” to 4ft 5” Size 2
4ft 5” to 4ft 7” Size 3
4ft 7” to 4ft 9” Size 4
4ft 9” to 5ft 1” Size 5
5ft 1” to 5ft 3” Size 6
5ft 3” to 5ft 5” Harrow
5ft 5” to 5ft 7” Academy
5ft 7” to 6ft SH
6ft + LH or LB