Malik Range


Malik Ullah, father of the Malik brand turned his passion for cricket into a business. Built on high standards & dedication that passion lives on today & is present in every Malik bat. In the 1980’s Malik grew as a brand exponentially, earning the trust of & supporting great international players such asShahid Afridi, Misbah ulHaq, Mohammed Hafeez & Azhar Ali

The Malik range offers a superb profile available in a variety of willow grades delivering a consistent pick up & feel across the ranges with a wide range of choice. From the highest quality willow available to pro’s & amateurs alike to high-quality affordable cricket bats the Malik range will support any cricketers need.




Overview: Mid-Low blade profile skilfully concaved to maximise balance & power.
Powerzone: Mid-blade, widened power-zoneperfect for powerful attacking shots all-round the ground clearing the boundary at will.
Shaping: Smaller Spine to edge ratio near the shoulder allows for thicker edges throughout without compromising on wood in vital areas. Minimal concaving through the powerzonekeeping wood where you need it most.Duck billing in the toe removes weight from peripheral areas furthest away from the hands to maximise balance & pickup.
Handle: High quality 6-piece Singapore cane, with round handle, ideal for strongbottom hand location &for players looking for power when hitting over the top.
Toe: Squared toe giving a wide feel instance.
Grip: Comes with white herringbone grip. May change with factory avialability
Finish: Natural face, requires full preparation. Try our R2P service for £19.95 icon

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    MB Malik Gold Platinum:
    The highest quality Grade 1 English willow available to international pros & amateurs alike. Specially selected for grain structure & weight with bats individually tested by the senior bat maker before being passed for finishing. Expect the hitting area to be completely free of blemishes, an even grain structure with minimal distortion. Available in SH
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    MB Malik reserve edition:
    Grade 1 English willow with a high chance of colour on one edge & minor cosmetic blemishes expected on front & back. Expect grain structure to have some distortion to it with bats individually tested by the senior bat maker before being passed for finishing. Available in SH.
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    UMZ Elite Edition:
    Superior Grade 2 English Willow with colour on one edge & cosmetic blemishes to be expected. Expect grain structure to have some distortion or wave to it. Available in SH