TON: Gladiator Pro-Players


The TON cricket brand is one of Cricket’s fastest growing brands supporting some of the biggest names in the game. Most notably is how quickly the TON brand has acquired top players from all over the world with over 100 international players across 15 playing nations including Jonny Bairstow, Kieron Pollard, Quentin De Kock to name a few of the top-quality players TON have over 100 international players across 15 playing nations.

The TON Gladiator Pro-Players offers a classical shape manufactured using modern bat making techniques getting the best of tradition & innovation. Made using the highest quality Grade 1 English willow the bat is finished with classical style oozing class with laser etched branding & not a sticker insight.




Overview: Mid to low blade profile with minimal concaving & duck bill toe. High quality Grade 1 English willow with exceptional grain structure a naturally lighter weight.
Powerzone: Mid to low blade, perfect for front foot attacking shots attacking shots on the front foot but balanced for all round attacking stroke play especially back foot shots on the rise.
Shaping: Moderate concaving in the back allows a pronounced spine & big edges. Duck bill toe bat reduce mass outside of the hitting area furthest away from the hands to improve pick up & balance.
Handle: High quality 6 piece Singapore cane, with semi-oval handle, ideal for natural bottom hand location &for players looking for control & power.
Toe: Clasical rounded toe maximising comfort at the crease & pick up. Toe guard fitted at the factory.
Grip: Comes with the black bracelet grip.
Finish: Natural face, requires full preparation. Try our R2P service for £19.95 icon

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